Welcome to John T. Hoggard High School’s NHS Chapter Page!

The stole sale and distribution schedule can be found here.

NHS Business will be transacted on Tuesdays at B lunch, preferably by appointment.

CURRENT MEMBERS: Do we have the correct number of volunteer hours on file for you?
Check your HOURS HERE. ** Reminder: Service hours are due 4/21/2017. **

2016-2017 Hoggard NHS Officers

President: Carson Edwards
Vice President: Carson Mays
Historian: Monae Duplessis
Treasurer: Nick Gregoire

Advisor: Mr. MacGillivray
Email: kenneth.macgillivray@nhcs.net
Room #: 115-S

Next Meeting:

Thursday 9/29/2016: Last names A through H – A-Lunch Room 115-S

Friday 9/30/2016: Last names I through Z – A-Lunch Room 115-S