The process for selection of inductees is as follows:

National Honor Society advisors will be given a list from the schools guidance department of all students whose weighted GPA is 3.6 or higher. Students meeting the academic requirement will be notified that they must fill out and submit a Student Activity Form (found in Documents section of this website) if they wish to be considered for membership in National Honor Society.

The Names of those students who have returned a Student Activity Form by the stated deadline will be submitted to the entire faculty of JTH for ratings on qualities of character, leadership, and service.

Faculty members will rate students an a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 indicating unreserved acceptance, 3 indicating slight reservation, and 2 or 1 indicating serious reservation. Ratings of 2 or 1 must be accompanied by a written comment of explanation. Faculty members will have received a summary of criteria for each category before rating of the students occurs.

A minimum rating of 3.0 must be earned in each of the categories of character, leadership, and service; a comprehensive average based on all four categories will then be computed for those students meeting the 3.0 minimum criterion. That comprehensive average must be 3.6 or higher before a student’s name can be placed before the voting Faculty Council. The comprehensive average is computed with GPA counting 40% and each of the categories counting 20% each.

The National Honor Society Faculty Council composed of at least 5 teachers, a non-voting administrator, and the non-voting advisor(s) will meet to review all activity sheets and faculty ratings and comments for those students whose comprehensive averages are 3.6 or higher. A positive majority vote indicates acceptance for induction.